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NBC Matinee Theater - "The Dark Of The Moon"

This teleplay stars Tom Tryon as a warlock who is turned into a human so he can be with a mortal girl, played by Gloria Talbott. This play also features Yvette Vickers as one of the witches.

Run time 39 minutes 42 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: dahszil - - February 12, 2015
Subject: was this one of the
films played on mystery science theater 3000 with commentary by Joel and his bots back in the early 1990's?
Reviewer: MTSRadio - - May 4, 2013
Subject: Tom Tryon
Yes, this is the same Tom Tryon who wrote the book "The Other" adapted into a well known horror movie. Leading man in Disney's "Moon Pilot," and sang on the 45 single "Seven Moons (of Beta-Lyrae) with lovely Moon Pilot co star Dany Saval.

Re: Producer Pat Weaver was also brother of comedian Doodles Weaver.
Reviewer: tribtower - - May 3, 2013
Subject: Give credit to Sylvester "Pat"Weaver for this series
Mr. Weaver was the originator of "TODAY", Tonight,
and the wonderful "HOME" show with the brillant Arlene Francis, which preceded Matinee Theatre five days a week. He was in favor of intelligent
daytime programming. In this era QUEEN FOR A DAY
was the competition. Too bad General Sarnoff and
son thought otherwise. Mr. Weaver was pressured out of NBC. Incidentally, the Actress Sigourney
Weaver is "Pat" Weavers offspring. NBC was for a while a powerhouse of innovation.
Reviewer: doowopbob - - February 25, 2010
Subject: Interesting In Thet...
....Tyron & Talbot Would Team Up Again In 1958s "I Married A Monster From Outer Space".
Reviewer: Video-Cellar - - February 23, 2010
Subject: Interesting and weird
I can't believe that this was shown on TV in the 50s and in the afternoon. The themes and presentation seem to be the antithesis of the 1950s. Its an odd little play with fine acting. The settings are great. There are many moments where you forget you're watching a studio-bound live play. The witch makeup has a real classic b-movie look to it. A very worthwile 39 minutes.
Reviewer: quigs - - February 23, 2010
Subject: The Dark of the Moon
This an abridged version of the play. It is two acts in its entirety. As the above reviewer before said an excellant production. Our Drama Society in college did this production back in the early 70's. Everything went fine during rehersals and technical rehersal until we had a party at the technical director's house where had bought tainted roast beef and everyone came down with intestinal flu. The show still went on with large buckets off side of back stage. As I said, fine (burp) production.
Reviewer: mstamper - - February 23, 2010
Subject: This was awesome!
It's hard to believe that the censors let this one air on daytime TV (or anytime!). Lush and sensual, excellent production values , acting, and writing. One of the best live dramas. A must see! Please, give us more!
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